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Beyond COVID-19

Roberto Bologna and Nicoletta Setola have joined the ‘Beyond COVID-19’ Taskforce as members of the Supply, Logistics, and Infrastructure Task Force established by the IHF (International Hospital Federation).

One of the best ways to honour the sacrifices made in the fight against #COVID-19 is to learn, improve and transform our healthcare institutions and system to be safer, stronger and better for our patients, staff and population. Today, the IHF #BeyondCOVID19 Taskforce has published a new summary report offering insights into how hospitals can embrace new ways of delivering healthcare, whilst responding to the evolving coronavirus pandemic: ‘Building the ‘New Normal’: Harnessing transformative practices from the COVID-19 pandemic’. Read the report here:

The TESIS work group authored also a text on hospital design in the IHF blog section




16 Aprile 2021
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