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Hospital 21

Roberto Bologna, Thomas Schinko (edited by), "Hospital 21. Breathing new Life in the 21st century Hospital", Centro TESIS, 2020

The volume documents the results of the 38th UIA/ PHG International Seminar on Public Healthcare Facilities held in Paris, as part of the more extensive conference entitled “Hospital 21 Breathing new Life in the 21st century” organized by UIA - Public Health Group.

The volume is divided into different sessions containing the contributions of members of the UIA/PHG at the conference.

The congress “Breathing new life in the 21st century hospital” dealt with issues concerning the hospital of the future, digital hospitals, emerging trends in hospital design, focusing also on ageing populations and new architectural design concept for this kind of users.

These issues have generated reflection about new concept of Hospital buildings that should take into account continuous technology systems development which are necessary to best meet the healthcare needs of people and the community, ensuring technological integration, digitisation of functions and flexibility of the environment.

Another topic covered concerns the integration between hospital and the city with the cultural context of reference. A hospital in the Smart Cities represents a hub in the network of territorial services through which the patient’s journey develops, providing highly specialized and immensely complex services.

The hospital of the future must therefore generate value both internally, through the quality of the spaces, the humanization of the environments and integration between functions and technologies, and externally in dialogue with the city and the cultural and identity context in which it is located.

A special memory was dedicated to the figure of Romano Del Nord, until 2017 Tesis’ director and editor of past proceedings publications about UIA-PHG International Congress.




16 Luglio 2020
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