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TESIS Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca - "Sistemi e Tecnologie per le Strutture Sanitarie, Sociali e della Formazione"

Art, Identity and Care in S.M.N.Hospital public space

The research, funded by the Healthcare History and Care Documentation Centre, focuses on the relationship between physical environment quality and the perception of users in the public spaces of Santa Maria Nuova Hospital in Florence. Through an identification of the structural and artistic elements of the complex, the aim is to investigate the value of works of art and architectural works (cloisters, corridors, loggia, waiting, entrance) at functional and perceptive level. A cross-sectional investigation is performed by adopting TEA (Technical Environmental Analysis) and OBEA tools (Observed based environmental assessments) to assess environmental quality, restoration, identity, place attachment and satisfaction. The research contribute on how physical environment may promote health and wellbeing of patients and staff/user.


2018 -
Scientific Coordinator
Nicoletta Setola
CDSAS | Centro di Documentazione per la Storia dell’Assistenza e della Sanità
University of Florence

TESIS Research Centre
Chalmers University of Technology
Tuscany Region
SST |  Servizi Sanitari Toscana
Research Group
Elizabeth Marcheschi
Elena Bellini
Eletta Naldi
Nicoletta Setola
Valentina Santi
last update: 09-Nov-2018
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