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Giulio Hasanaj, Arch.

University of Florence, Italy
Architect and PhD student. Formed at the School of Architecture at University of Florence, he graduated in 2016, reach top marks and honor, discussing a thesis on habitability in risk areas with a project focused on urban redevelopment within an informal settlement in Brazil. Since 2016 he is architectural assistant in the Architecture Technology Laboratory at the Department of Architecture (DIDA). Admitted in 2017 to the XXXIII cycle of the Ph.D. course in Architecture of the University of Florence, in field of Architectural Technologies. From the same year he is involved in the national research project of relevant interest PRIN2015 "Adaptive design and technological innovations for the resilient regeneration of urban districts in a climate change conditions".
Interest on research and design project
Adaptive design, Evidence Base Design (EBD), Healthy communities and healthy cities, Urban resilience and regeneration, Environmental design, Resilience to climate change Emergency architecture, Temporary architecture, Architecture for risk reduction and reconstruction.


last update: 15-Nov-2018
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