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TESIS Centro Interuniversitario di Sistemi e Tecnologie per le Strutture Sociali, Sanitarie e della Formazione

Congresses - Containing costs

- Promotion and organization of the international IHF
(International Hospital Federation) workshop - UIA-PHG
(International Union of Architects-Publich Health Group)
Containing health costs through Hospital Design” held on
03/05 June 2014 at the TESIS Center, Florence
- Del Nord R., The very nature of medicine has been
transformed and hospital design must reflect that change,
in 2015 UIA-PHG Seminar & GUPHA Meeting Health for
All: Cultural, Populational, Operational & Technological
Influences, Dalian, 23-25 maggio 2015
- Del Nord R., WS01 Reducing hospital cost through design,
in “Sustainable and affordable innovations in Healthcare”,
Geneva Health Forum April 19-20-21 2016
- Del Nord R., Hospital Cost Containment Through Better
Design, in “VII Congresso Brasileiro para o Desenvolvimento
do Edifício Hospitalar”, Salvador, Brasile, 28-29-30
settembre 2016
- Del Nord R., Reducing Hospital Operating Cost Through
Better Design, Smart Cities-Healthy Cities (The language
of innovation – II Forum; Architecture and Urban Planning
IV Forum), TJU Shanghai, Università degli Studi di Firenze,
Firenze, 15-16 dicembre 2016
- Giardinelli M. G., Marzi L., Collaboration project: reducing
hospital operating cost through better design, in 40th
IHF World Hospital Congress “Addressing the Challenge of
Patient-centered Care and Safety”, Durban, Sud Africa, 31
ottobre, 1-2-3 novembre 2016
last update: 04-Oct-2018
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