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TESIS Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca - "Sistemi e Tecnologie per le Strutture Sanitarie, Sociali e della Formazione"

Ph.D dissertations

The higher education activity offered by TESIS concerns the tutoring for conducting degree theses and mainly PhD theses.
Degree thesis
- Shaded Visions - Guide to the adaptation of domestic space for Alzheimer's patients. Master Thesis in Architecture by Valentina Santi (tutor Prof. R. Del Nord), 2003.
- The operating room. Evolution of spaces for complex surgical operations. Master Thesis in Architecture 4 / S by Fabrizio Dell'Anna (tutor Prof. R. Del Nord), 2007.
- Unipolar Spinal Unit. Design Guidelines. Master Thesis in Architecture by Gianluca Darvo (tutor Prof. R. Del Nord), 2009.
PhD thesis
- The relationship between typological innovation and technological innovation. The smart building project by Roberto Bologna (tutor Prof. R. Del Nord), 1993
- Phased Briefing. A model for the progressive and adaptive implementation of the quality of Giuseppe Ridolfi (tutor Prof. R. Palumbo), 1993
- Quality management systems in the health building design process. The technical-procedural tools for the innovation of the building process in the light of the European comparison by Giovanni Neri Serneri (tutor Prof. R. Palumbo), 1994
- The preliminary design: contents and relations with the construction process phases by Anna Maria Giovenale (tutor Prof. R. Palumbo), 1995
- Public real estate assets: criteria and methods for the valorisation of Tiziana Ferrante (tutor Prof. G. Morabito), 1996
- Support for the management of the economic component in the preliminary design of the hospital facilities of Alessandra Cucurnia (tutor Prof. R. Del Nord), 1999
- Evolution and innovation in diagnostic and telematic technologies: hypothesis of scenarios and indications for the design of the hospital organism by Francesca Giofré (tutor: Prof. R. Del Nord), 1999
- Local culture and hospital design by Patrizia Mello (tutor Prof. R. Del Nord), 1999
- Guidelines of project behavior for the control of psycho-physical stress factors of health personnel in the intensive care unit of Daniela Sorana (tutor Prof. R. Del Nord), 2004
- Quality and degradation of facing concrete walls. Knowledge bases and structuring of data for the design, implementation and restoration of Claudio Piferi (tutor Prof. M. C. Torricelli), 2005
- Managerial strategies for clients in complex implementation processes of public hospital buildings. Systems and tools for monitoring the critical issues of the project by Maria Antonietta Rubino (tutor Prof. M. C. Torricelli), 2005 (to be verified by the tutor)
- Reliable management of a public works project. Check up design: a tool for risk diagnosis by Mario Di Benedetto, (tutor Prof. R. Del Nord), 2008
- Hospital management and planning tools: analysis of spatial configurations in relation to the flow system. Application to the case study of the Careggi Hospital Pole, Florence by Nicoletta Setola (tutor Prof. M. C. Torricelli, co-tutor Prof. P. Felli, external co-tutor prof Alan Penn - Bartlett School - UCL, London), 2009
- Thermal insulation solutions for the energy redevelopment of the envelope: Evaluation of DECAS (Durability - Energy - Cost - Environment - Health) by Elisa Innocenti (tutor Prof. M. C. Torricelli), 2010
- Measure accessibility in the context of healthcare construction. Methodology for planning interventions to overcome human-environment conflicts by Luca Marzi (tutor Prof. R. Del Nord), 2010
- Analysis of the acoustic quality of Italian buildings from the post-war period to today and solutions for the adaptation of buildings to the new acoustic standards by Elisa Nannipieri (Tutor Prof. G. Raffellini and S. Secchi), 2010
- Permeable floorings - From simplified design to system innovation by Fabio Valli (tutor Prof. A. Laurìa), 2010
- Comfort and sustainability criteria in the life cycle of hospital systems. Application to the case study of the operating block by Francesca Reale (tutor Prof. M. C. Torricelli), 2011
- Control and verification of the project: the validation and operational responsibilities of Anna La Marca (tutor Prof. R. Del Nord), 2011
- Strategic planning for the reorganization of social and health structures: tools and evaluation methods by Ilaria Sarri (tutor Prof. R. Del Nord, co-tutor Prof. V. Bentivegna, Prof. M. Jodice), 2011
- IU urban and residential interfaces. Tools and methods for the Plan Project of public and private spaces in the redevelopment of residential settlements by Sabrina Borgianni (tutor Prof. M. C. Torricelli), 2012
- The environments for psychosocial and physical rehabilitation of cancer patients. Contributions for programming and design by Francesca Nesi (tutor Prof. R. Del Nord), 2012
- FL.U.A. Universal and Adaptable Flexibility System for Virginia Serrani's acute hospitalization room (tutor Prof. M. C. Torricelli, co-tutor Prof. Paolo Felli), 2012
- Living "short stay". Claudia Massaccesi's innovation in collective housing for temporary users (tutor Prof. Roberto Bologna), 2013
last update: 08-Nov-2022
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