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TESIS Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca - "Sistemi e Tecnologie per le Strutture Sanitarie, Sociali e della Formazione"

The history


The TESIS Center was founded in 1992 by an agreement between the professors of the University of Florence, Milan and Rome "La Sapienza" and is a multidisciplinary scientific network, made up of researchers, architects, environmental psychologists, doctors, economists of universities related to the structure. The Center was originally set up to exchange knowledge and information between professors and researchers engaged in research and training on systems and technologies for health facilities. Over time, the activity has extended to the field of social housing, intended with a wider exception, in reference to issues such as those of social housing and university buildings on which researches and insights have been developed concerning the question of residences for university students and the definition of economic and managerial sustainability criteria in the revision of the principles of planning for university training structures.

last update: 04-Oct-2018
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